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Civilizations Library is where research projects are implemented, taking such formats as continuous academic process, verbal and video presentations, public lectures and expert discussions.

Moldova: Cultural Heritage Compass Project offers a new and unusual way to interpret history of the Carpathian-Dniester Region. The novelty of this approach is ensured by the structural unity of the five aspects of history: cultural, social, instrumental-technological, power (political) and memory venues. Attempts to understand historical processes focus on long-term trends and regularities, typical for the local history. Specialists from the High Anthropological School University (archaeologists, historians and cultural anthropologists) focus on catastrophic processes in the region, cultural and technological hiatuses and changes in population.

All studied processes and events fit in the context of the global history. The objects and sites of cultural heritage are positioned as memory venues (or ‘reconstructed memory’). Atthesametime, wetalkinthiscaseaboutthose ‘memoryvenues’, whichare related to the cultural heritage in the region of the German, Celtic, Slavonic, Iranian, Turkic peoples and are not restricted to the interval of just Moldovan history of the last 600 years.

Moldova Social Anatomy Project covers consistent sociological surveys andquantitativeand qualitative sociological studies. It is the first time when the real, rather than formal social structure is analyzed, which is the innovative aspect of thisproject. It reveals main centers of real power and prestige, objective resources and professional structure of the active population and determines current trends in vertical and horizontal mobility.

The scope of the project also includes, as a compulsory task, attempts to study and understand the events of collective memory: wars, repressions, holocaust, ‘Russian’ and ‘Romanian’ periods of Bessarabia’s history, Soviet modernization, the ‘90s, the ‘Transdniestrian war’.

This open and interactive research process is what makes the Civilizations Library a generator of past events and modern developments, restored out of non-existence.