The residence center of the Civilizations Library is a landmark of the urban and national importance. Built in 1861 and reconstructed in 1909, the manor belonged to many quite well-known personalities of Bessarabia before the revolution. Thus, it was owned by Ecaterina Volkonovich, daughter of Panteleimon Zapesoshny, a Bessarabian landowner, by General Sergei Mikhailovich Raevsky, head of Bessarabia Treasury, and by a bourgeois Sergei Karabetovich Kirkorov. Remarkably, all the previous owners kept a library in the central hall of their manor.

A few details of the former interiors can still be seen today, untouched by the past century: internal doors, glazed tiled stoves, blinders. The central hall’s décor is stylized to represent the interiors and the furniture of the early 20th century.

This is why the Civilizations Library, located in the picturesque neighborhood of the ‘pre-revolutionary Chisinau’, is the starting point of excursions in the old city. They usually start from a tour around the library, with the matic lectures on Moldova’s multicultural heritage. Such lectures are all known under the generic name ‘five books’. Then the tourists are welcome to choose one of the six itineraries, including the most popular ones: “Catastrophes in Chisinau, from the city’s foundation», “People and addresses of the Old City”, “The City of Six Languages”.

These itineraries have been developed by the specialists of the High Anthropological School University and are tailored for different groups of tourists – from schoolchildren to amateurs of Chisinau antiquities to foreign guests.