Civilizations Library

Marc Bloch Civilizations Library is the first Open Access Public Library in Moldova and a unit of the High Anthropological School University.

In 2015, the Senate of the High Anthropological School University decided to name the Library after Marc Bloch – the great French historian and a founder of the Annales School, which had a decisive impact not only on the historic science but also on how time and mentality are now treated in various branches of the humanities. Marc Bloch’s own life and creation is a bright example of one’s devotion to truth and one’s integrity as a researcher and citizen, who was killed by the Nazis in 1944.

The library counts about 50, 000 volumes, predominantly in history, archaeology, cultural anthropology and sociology in different languages. This collection started in 1997 and includes private libraries of the following outstanding researchers: Bernhard Hensel (Berlin, Germany), Pavel Boriskovsky (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Nikolai Mokhov, Jakov Kopansky, Pavel Sovetov, Pavel Bârnea, Vsevolod Markevich (Chisinau, Moldova), Alexandra Gudkova (Odessa, Ukraine). The library exchanges books with the leading library and research centers in the EU, Russia, Ukraine.

Readers will have at their disposal a paper and an electronic catalogue and a user-friendly router helping to find books on their shelves. This facilitates independent search for the desired titles and use the library without the help of the librarian.

The Library also offers a convenient and comfortable co-working space for personal and business meetings and intellectual leisure. Coffee and nineteenth century interiors create a perfect environment where you can experience your individual and unprecedented place in history.